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We invite you to the next edition of the event:

ŁÓDŹ – 9 June 2024

TORUŃ – 16 June 2024

ELBLĄG – 8 September2024

WARSZAWA EXPO XXI – 29 September2024

SZCZECIN – 13 October 2024

ŁÓDŹ – 20 October 2024

LUBLIN – 24 November 2024

Exhibitors are invited to register!

This is where EXOTIC ANIMALS will come to us! – An event with a new quality on the Polish trade fair market in the terrarium and aquarium industry, which aims to promote our industry.

We create a place on the map of Poland where everyone will be on the way. A short distance from every corner of our country encourages you to come and participate in one of the largest fairs of this type organized in the country.